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ESL Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social events 2015

The corporate social responsibility is an essential value for ESL. One of its goals is to become a leader in its sector in terms of social and environmental responsibility. The charter of sustainable development that you will find on our…
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“Les Cartons du Coeur”

Cartons du coeur

For some time, we have been aware of the precarious situation of people in the Developing World who struggle to feed themselves. But we often forget that this also concerns people in industrialized countries, including in Switzerland. When we heard…
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Aid to the Balkans

In May 2014, we all heard the news about the natural disaster that struck the Balkans. Devastated by heavy rains and floods, residents were left with no electricity and little food. We had to help. We contacted a transport company,…
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Charity Christmas Cocktail

As Christmas was drawing near, we organised a charity event to raise funds for the UNICEF project “Teachers of Malawi”, which helps build education centres in the country. We took advantage of our Christmas party to organize a Charity Cocktail,…
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A well-(de)served soup

At ESL, we like to share. We share a passion for languages, travelling and discovering foreign cultures as well as a taste for parties with friends – having a good time together is a deep-rooted tradition in the company. Sharing…
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A poem

THE CONTAINER Poem written by Baba Alhadji Touré 5th year (10 years), Bahadou School, Timbuktu, Mali Where are you ? For months and months, we have been searching for you From the heights of the sand dunes We look at the…
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A message from Timbuktu

Dear Friends, Words fail me to express our deep recognition and gratitude towards all of the ESL company for this noble and worthy gesture and which touches all of the population of TImbuktu. The children of Timbuktu have understood the…
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Internet cafés in Mali

Now that our container has arrived at its destination, we have the time to look into the phenomenon of Internet cafés in Africa in general and in Mali in particular. Following the example of that of Timbuktu, they often assure…
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Bring out the vuvuzelas!

Wimbledon and its manicured tennis courts are forgotten ! The football matches in South Africa are relegated to the background ! The first sunburns are brought to a standstill ! OUR CONTAINER ARRIVED THIS MORNING  IN TIMBUKTU ! And, as always, the enlightened commentary…
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